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About Local Physio

Are you a practitioner or practice manager looking for more patient bookings? Whether you are looking to improve your use of treatment rooms or staff by filling gaps in your appointment book or building volume to expand your practice, Local Physio can help you to achieve your goals.

There are no monthly or sign-up fees to be listed on our networks. You pay nothing unless you receive an active patient through us. We send you patients who want to make an appointment directly and you only pay for patients who want to book treatment. Your advertising spending with Local Physio is thus totally results-orientated.

Put simply, if we don't deliver patients then you don't pay. If we do deliver patients, the new revenue generated by the patient's engagement at your clinic will put you in profit straight away.

Practice Management Software

When you join the Local Physio community you get free access to our practice management software, designed specifically for the physiotherapy marketplace.

Fast access to our cloud-based systems allows you to run all aspects of your practice via your browser. Our scalable software grows alongside your business and requires no hardware, no software and no contract.