• About Sophie

    I myself qualified as a physio in 1988 and then as an osteopath in 1998. I generally use a mixture of both disciplines in my work and also supplement it with acupuncture and dry needling techniques. In addition I am trained in the following disciplines: Sarah Key method, Graston Technique, Dorn method, Robbie Goodrum manipulation, PIM, Emmett technique, Gunn method, fascial manipulation.

    This last technique is particularly interesting in that it examines the effects of past injuries (both direct and indirect) and provides a framework for assessing and treating more chronic pain.  If you have a problem that just won’t go away with conventional treatment, think about trying fascial manipulation (see www.fascialmanipulation.com)

    I run Scorpio Clinics which now has four branches in n Egham, Ashford, Lightwater and Virginia Water. We are a team of enthusiastic physios, osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists and pilates instructors dedicated to getting you back to health. All of us have different talents and interests and you can look at our website to choose whom you would like to see.