• About Nisha

    Nisha Pawale-More is highly experienced in the complex assessment, treatment and management of children with a wide variety of conditions. She assesses each child individually, partnering with them and the parents to develop a treatment plan which suits their unique functional needs.

    Nisha has worked in many healthcare settings including private clinics, mainstream schools, private and NHS hospitals and this has given her the flexibility and knowledge to manage the complex needs of children. She ensures treatment sessions are play-centred to ensure the best participation from the child, and readily accepts valuable inputs from parents and carers who are encouraged to participate in the child’s rehabilitation.

    She is certified in a number of therapy approaches including:

    • Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) and Bobath
    • Sensory Integration
    • Kinesiotaping
    • Aquatic Therapy

    Nisha graduated in physiotherapy with a B.Sc. in 2006 and took her master’s degree in neurological-rehabilitation in 2011 at Cardiff University, continuing her post-graduate education to this day.

    She has over eleven years of experience of paediatric physiotherapy and is committed to the early and holistic treatment of children.