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    Nick Syrett is a highly expert and experienced physiotherapist with a wide range of abilities which includes musculoskeletal conditions, dance assessment and injury management, gait analysis, sports injuries and orthotics and insole provision.

    In his over ten years at City Physio in Manchester city centre, Nick has built up good relationships with rugby and football teams, theatres, dance schools and exercise schools such as yoga and Pilates.

    Nick has a specialist interest in the body’s biomechanics, the assessment, identification and correction of movement or strength faults. He can then design individualised treatment programmes to improve strength, flexibility and technique.

    Nick has worked with a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal problems, from pain and injuries in elite and dancers to the aches and pains encountered by keen weekend warriors and more sedentary people.

    Appointments with Nick are available at our Manchester city centre clinic from 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday.

Where Nick works

City Physio

King's Court, 2-4 Exchange Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester , M2 7HA

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