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    I qualified in 1996 and followed the same route as everyone else. But with time there was a problem, I felt my treatments were ineffective with poor results and too many returning customers who weren't "fixed".

    During an interview for a new member of staff, I realised an alternative way of working could both solve my frustrations and do a better job for my patients. 

    My results improved immediately and I felt bad about the treatment I had been “selling” so far.

    I no longer offer treatments which have not been shown to be effective or useful. These include massage, manipulation, core stability, taping, ultrasound, insoles and orthotics.

    Short-term treatments create fear of pain and a lack of confidence, while the new approach, cognitive functional therapy (CFT), has good scientific evidence for helping people suffering from pain and disability.

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Neil Davey Physiotherapy

St. Leonards Medical Practice, Athelstan Road, Exeter, Devon , EX1 1SB

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