• About Lee

    My name is Lee. I’m a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who has worked clinically in the NHS and Private practice for a number of years. I am conscious of you and your time, and I understand that there are many facets to your life which makes you unique.

    Having worked in many areas of physiotherapy, I know that it’s not just the injury that can knock a person out of their stride. The sort of person that comes to Rehab:Inc wants to be better, knows that rehabilitation is not an easy road, understands their body and wants to function in a pain and symptom free environment.

    At present I’m studying for a Post Graduate Masters degree in Physiotherapy at Cardiff University.

    I keep fit regularly with calisthenics,  a minimilist runner, cyclist, cross fit fan, single dad who loves nothting more than hanging out with my two year old son and making the time we spend together fun.

    Your health is personal to you, that’s why it bcomes personal to me. If you have anyquestions with regards to your health and well being, if you feel I can help then please contact me.