• About Kayleigh

    I graduated from Bournemouth University with my Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) degree in 2010.

    Shortly after graduating I started to work at Salisbury District Hospital where I worked in various areas such as respiratory, care of the elderly, outpatients and in spinal injuries.

    Spinal injuries became my passion and I remained at the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre for four years ultimately as a Senior Physiotherapist.  I had a number of areas that I was able to specialise in such as shoulder rehabilitation, kinesiology taping and health and fitness following spinal cord injury. I designed and implemented then managed a fitness group and supervised junior physiotherapists, students and assistants.

    Working with this client group requires skills in a variety of areas and I have extensive knowledge in posture, spasticity and functional rehabilitation. I have presented at two Guttmann Conferences and introduced a variety of sports to wheelchair users.

    I now work in a variety of settings, primarily in the communitty providing phyiotherapy services for the elderly and those with neurological conditions. I also treat clients from my clinic in Brasngore and at Profusion Therapy in Ringwood, which also includes a variety of massage services.