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    Kate Floyd, the owner and principal physiotherapist at One Step Neuro Physiotherapy, specialises in the assessment and management of neurological conditions such as stroke and brain injury.

    Her expertise lies in neurological rehabilitation and in the management of neurological-behavioural conditions. Kate was the Lead Physiotherapist in the Glenside Hospital, Salisbury, for a period of six years, specialising in neuro rehabilitation. Previous to that she worked in a number of distinguished hospitals, concentrating on neurological rehabilitation from early on in her career.

    Kate is very experienced in managing a wide variety of neurological conditions and with complex disability. She continues to learn with many post-graduate courses and is a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Interested in Neurology (ACPIN)

Where Kate works

One Step Neuro Physiotherapy

Domiciliary Neuro Physiotherapy, 15 Priory Close, Shrewton, Wiltshire , SP3 4LE

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