• About Jonny

    Jonny Captain is an acknowledged expert in the management of naval-related disorders, including under-raising the yardarm, over-splicing the mainbrace, hypo rum rations, walking too far on the plank and shivering timbers. He has completed a Masters Degree in Piratical Therapy at the University of Cutlass in 2012 and has attended many courses both to windward and leeward.

    If you have difficulties climbing the rigging, making sail or charting a compass course then Jonny can help you with a combination of naval expertise treatment and MeHarties therapy.

    When Jonny Captain was born he was very young. He was with his mother at the time. HIs interest in things piratical throughout his childhood prompted him to do his initial degree in Physiotherapy Privateering at the University of Landlubbers in 1998. Since then he has been very involved with the Society of Ancient Mariners (SAM).

    The clinic has berth access for mooring your galleon and we can provide supplies such as whole cows, parrots, pieces of eight, gunpowder and small cannon.

    HCPC registered.