• About Jim

    Jim Hopkins has a special interest in sports injuries, their prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. He worked in school and national league rugby, progressing to treating international standard athletes in dance, gymnastics, cricket and squash.

    Jim has worked with athletes from the recreational to the elite levels, including a hurdler at World, Commonwealth and Olympic standards and a very promising junior GB skier.

    Jim has also developed links with cyclists and runners through his management of triathletes. A key principle of Jim’s approach is that musculoskeletal screening is essential to prevent injury and allow early intervention and graded rehab. This limits injuries and reduces their risk of recurring.

    Jim’s assessments use a movement analysis approach and he designs specific treatment and rehabilitation programs both for elite athletes or casual participants.

    Jim’s first degree was in Human Movement at Canterbury in 1990, followed by Physiotherapy from King’s College London in 1997. After three years work in the NHS, Jim worked in private practice clinics in GP practices and in Occupational Health.