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    Alison qualified from Manchester School of Physiotherapy in 1986. Initially working in the NHS and in the USA, Alison moved into the private sector in 1994 and has specialised in musculo-skeletal medicine since.

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Bridge House Clinic

Bridge House, Marsh Lane, Shepley, West Yorkshire , HD8 8AE

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  • Friday 02 February 2018
    I have seen Alison Bowler for several months, due to Plantar Fasciitis in my foot. My GP said it might be 12 months before I could walk on that foot and sent me away with anti inflammatory cream and an exercise sheet- nothing else. I saw the Podiatrist at Bridge House Clinic who made me an othotic insole for my shoes, to support the arch, and then decided to go for Physiotherapy there as well, or I would have no job to go back to.! Thanks to Alison, I am back at work in around half that time frame, which is a huge relief.! Alison is easy to talk to...tells you what you need to know, and do, and is thoroughly professional and very helpful. I am certain I would not have been anything like fit for work by now without Alison's professionalism and knowledge. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Christine Cook.