• Ben Wilde Chartered Physiotherapist

    I’m delighted to be the Clinical Director of Physio & More, a physiotherapy practice designed to offer you the very best in treatment for musculo-skeletal pain or injury. We are happy to see anyone so if you woke up with a stiff neck that won’t go away or need to rehabilitate after a major accident or surgery or you tripped and fell or maybe you have been caring for someone young or old and your body is just telling you it hurts I and my team will be delighted to see you and help.

    We always try to see you on the day you call, you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect and we will talk through your options for treatment with you before doing anything. We always carry out a full and thorough examination too because quite often where it hurts is not where the source of the problem is and we like to be accurate and exact from the word go.

    The team is multi-disciplinary so as well as physiotherapist we have chiropractors and osteopaths all bringing a very wide range of skills to the clinic for your benefit. We will have someone who can help and if your problems are particularly complex we will be happy to involve more than one practitioner in your care to make sure that you get the benefit of the huge level of skill the team has to get you better as quickly as possible.