If you have been suffering from persistent ankle problems or you’ve had an injury, it may be recommended that you have an ankle arthroscopy for further investigations especially if you’ve had an unexplained pain, stiffness, swelling or instability.

An ankle arthroscopy involves a surgeon making 2-3 small holes in your ankle, through which a small camera scope can be inserted to allow the surgeon to investigate and operate inside the ankle joint.  The arthroscopy can be performed at the front (anterior) or back (posterior) of the ankle and the entry chosen will depend on the location and type of symptoms you are suffering.

Foot and Ankle

Physiotherapy is essential after your ankle arthroscopies so that you regain full range of movement, strengthen the ankle and manage post-operative swelling.  Our service at Physiocomestoyou is unique in that we visit our patients at home.  This is especially helpful to our patients recovering from an ankle arthroscopy who may have difficulty in getting to a clinic.

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