Man With Upper Arm Pain

Arm Pain

Arm pain can be due to a number of different reasons. It can be caused by a neck problem, a shoulder problem or can come from a problem with the arm itself. A physiotherapist can do a detailed assessment to find the likely source of the condition and form a treatment plan. Arm Pain From The Neck Neck-related arm pain is common and generally falls into two [...]

Bicipital Tendonitis Illustration

Bicipital Tendonitis

Bicipital tendonitis causes shoulder pain due to inflammation of one of the biceps tendons. It is also referred to as tendonitis of the long head of the biceps. Anatomy of the Biceps Muscle Biceps means “two heads” as the upper part of the biceps muscle has two parts, known as heads. The short head originates from a part of the scapula (shoulder blade) called the coracoid process. The [...]