Piriformis Illustration

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is a collection of symptoms that involve buttock pain, often with hip, groin or leg pain, and is found typically in people with mechanical lower back pain. Anatomy of the Piriformis Muscle The piriformis muscle is a small muscle in the pelvis that rotates the thigh outwards and moves it away from the body. The sciatic nerve runs through the pelvis and its relationship with [...]

Sacroiliac Joint Illustration

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The sacroiliac joint (SIJ) or SI joint is a large force transmission joint at the base of the spine. The sacroiliac joints carry the body weight from the spine above through to the pelvis and hips. Significant disagreement exists as to how important the sacroiliac joints are in back injuries and lower back pain. Anatomy of the Sacroiliac Joint The sacroiliac joint is a C-shaped joint between [...]